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Plastic Bottles

Our modular systems are used extensively in the Australian blow-moulding industry.

Specialist solutions include transport, accumulation/buffering, air-rinsing and vacuum systems.

Here at Smalte Conveying Solutions we have wide experience in delivering conveying solutions for all type of bottles and facilities. Contact our team for expert advice and solutions for your facility. 

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The aluminium modular system is an excellent choice for bottle handling, with its long conveyor runs and flexible layouts, and can be endlessly reconfigured due to its component hardware.

In addition, the plastic chain comes right to the edge of the conveyor body, permitting very tight side-transfers, for maximum bottle stability.

Specialist solutions include:

  • Elevation systems, linking different parts of the plant, and opening up floor space
  • Bottle inverting, air-rinsing and top-covers, for eliminating contamination
  • Walk-throughs, for pedestrian and fork-lift access
  • Alpine buffers (in-line and off-line styles)
  • Accumulation tables
  • Tight footprint solutions for constrained layouts.
  • Neck-guiding
  • Vacuum systems; used for very unstable bottles, or for additional control during vision system
  • Inspection
  • Diverting/merging
  • Controlled transport of pre-forms
  • Bulk handling of caps and other loose items, via belt and carton conveyors
  • Raise-lower systems for managing differing conveyor heights