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Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor systems are widely considered the simplest and most economical method of transporting goods within a plant facility. With various construction configurations and belt styles, they can be used across a variety of manufacturing applications.

Need a simple and cost-effective product transport solution tailored to your plant? Speak to our team today to find out why we’re among Australia’s leading belt conveyor specialists.

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A conveyor belt system offers a simple and economical method of moving loose and packaged goods across a wide range of plant activities and applications.

As a trusted name in conveyor solutions, Smalte creates highly effective belt conveyor systems using quality components from leading conveyor belt suppliers. From standard designs using off-the-shelf hardware to fully customised systems, we’ve got a solution to suit your plant’s individual needs.

If you need something specific from your belt conveyor design, we can incorporate a variety of specialised features to create a unique solution. For example:

> Timing belts and v-belts
Usually seen in twin or multi-lane configurations, these are often used for product transfers where only a narrow support surface is required.

> Polycord round belts
These can be a versatile choice for transporting and transferring lightweight products.

> Magnetic decks
Magnets assist with containment of loose metal parts such as fasteners by holding them to belt surface.

> Troughed decks and skirts
These design features create a more contained area for loose products in transit.

> Infeed troughs, chutes and transfers
Your conveyor belt system design can incorporate a variety of connecting components to meet your production needs.

> Weighing and metal detecting
This additional functionality supports efficient operations in certain types of plant activities.

Conveyor construction:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel

Belts used:

  • Forbo
  • Habasit
  • Ammeraal
  • Others (as required)

Typical belt materials:

  • PVC
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone for high temperatures

Belt surface finishes:

  • Very high to very low friction
  • Smooth, grooved, rough-top, scalloped etc
  • Food contact

Other belt features

  • Cleated, for product elevation
  • Wave-wall for containment of loose product
  • Guided with tracking strips (for resisting side-load, or some other cause of mis-tracking)

Drive motor style:

  • Shaft-mounted
  • Under slung
  • Centre drive
  • Motorised drum (motor integrated into drive roller)