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Roller Conveyor

A roller conveyor can be an ideal solution for transporting large, contained products within a plant. Simple and economical, this method is suited to moving cartons, packaged goods, pallets and more though packaging and distribution lines.

Looking for a product transport solution tailored to the needs of your plant? Speak to the team at Smalte Conveying Solutions today to find out why we’re among Australia’s leading manufacturers of custom roller conveyors.

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Transporting products such as cartons and pallets is easy with the right type of conveyor belt. Roller systems are a simple, cost-effective solution that can support a larger surface area with appropriate weight distribution.

Constructed from aluminium or laser-cut steel (stainless or mild), our roller conveyors can be customised to suit a wide range of applications. They can be designed as an unpowered gravity roller running either horizontal or declined, or powered in a line-shaft, poly-vee or chain driven configuration.

Some of our specialised solutions include

> Zero-pressure accumulation roller conveyor systems:
Utilising the 24V ‘pulse-roller’ system, this powered solution provides indexed control of product queues for applications where products must not touch. Comes complete with pre-engineered control modules for simple integration.
> Roller-top and ball top conveyor systems:
This is a robust solution for simple and automatic alignment, rotation and transfer of cartons. Operation does not require any complex control.
> Lift/transfer stations:
These raise/lower systems use rollers or drive belts to transfer between lanes.
> Stops, pushers and more:
Conveyor belt roller design can be enhanced with various ancillary controls such as stops and pushers to assist with product management.
> Special configurations:
Roller systems can be designed with curves, merges, lift-gates and more, as well as straight running.