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Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Smalte Conveying Solutions offers a broad range of solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, reliably transporting bottles, blister packs, syringes, pouches, tubes and vials.

Our wide industry experience means we are able to deliver customised and safe conveying systems for delicate pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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Systems are customised for specific client requirements, using Smalte’s range of conveyor hardware.

Specific solutions include:

  • General conveying (aluminium & stainless steel), belt, slat & roller systems
  • Elevation systems, linking different parts of the plant, and opening up floor space
  • Indexing, including puck systems for fragile & irregularly shaped products
  • Collation, accumulation & buffering
  • Neck guiding
  • Transparent belts with back-lighting, for product inspection
  • Micropitch and knife-edge transfers
  • Clean-room applications
  • Tight footprint solutions for difficult layouts.