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Components & Spares

This innovative product is utilised in numerous light- to medium-weight industries, providing fast, reliable, and often unique solutions, with minimum fuss.

Smalte spent its first 10 years specialising in this product, and now has a large range of conveyors, elevators, and other automation solutions, based upon the system.

Maintenance & Component Spare Parts

The Smalte componentry is manufactured from highest quality aluminium, Delrin resins, and other materials, guaranteeing excellent product life.

The parts are also often used for the maintenance and reconfiguration of other proprietary modular conveyor systems, as they fit seamlessly into those systems, all from our local stocks.

Such OE suppliers include FlexLink / Coesia, Flexmove and Bett Sistemi (to varying degrees). There are literally thousands of component available, so always check with Smalte to ensure you get the right part for the job.


Feature Benefit
Modular design Quick delivery & installation, faster return on investment
Standardised, high quality components Reliable, proven solutions
Large range of hardware Solutions for many products & industries
Range of elevation solutions Efficient accumulation, material flow, and use of factory space
Stainless steel solutions Available for wash-down environments