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Assembly Line Conveyors

Sometimes, products are too fragile or unstable to be transported on standard conveyors. However, such products may be supported on a pallet (with customised nest) and transported smoothly and effortlessly through a production process.


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Based on Smalte’s modular conveyor system, pallet systems are created using pre-engineered hardware (pallets, stoppers etc), or perhaps more-customised nests for specific applications.
Products may then be transported and accumulated smoothly and effortlessly on the conveyor, then accurately presented to automated equipment, without concern for the stability or delicate nature of the product.

Pallets can also improve process efficiencies, by freeing up interdependence between machine processes through accumulation.

Note that after use, the empty pucks must be returned to the beginning of the processes. This is typically achieved as part of a complete loop system, or secondary conveyor.

Typical industries:

> Cosmetics & Personal products
In particular, unstable and intricately shaped bottles

> Electronic / Electrical:
Delicate, and ISD/static controlled environments

> Machining & Assembly:
Transporting irregularly shaped automotive parts through machining and assembly processes